Sheridan Kate Butler Copywriter

I am a freelance copywriter, illustrator and  student of creative writing and philosophy. I often write about travel and food. I’ve spent a lot of time working in the restaurant industry carrying trays, chopping carrots and developing rheumatoid arthritis from making too many coffees, all with very abstract latte art. Working in establishments in Melbourne, Beirut and Berlin funded my travel adventures. I have explored Europe, India, Asia and the Middle East, which is where the name Shish came to be. I have since settled in a slightly weathered Melbourne cottage filled with plants and fairy lights.

When I am not admiring my mug collection or searching for biodynamic wines (these things make me feel grown-up), I am either copywriting for a client or wading through a Bachelor of Arts at Deakin University. I use the term ‘at’ very loosely, since I have only once stepped foot on the campus and that was purely to check out the snack situation at the cafeteria. Studying online allows freedom and strengthens self-discipline, especially when there is a kitchen full of whole-foods ready to play with. A few years ago, I obtained a certificate in Creative Writing through the Australian College of Journalism. Luckily, back then I couldn’t afford yummy organic food so I was less inclined to procrastinate. 

Mostly, I love describing things with words I can’t resist using for my own creative endeavours in the form of essays, poems, short stories and children’s stories. Lending words to clients is also fun. Not like a ‘I’m having a great time’ kind of fun — rather ‘I’ll put on my big-girl-business shoes and work on my rheumatoid arthritis whilst I punch away words in a local café’ kind of fun. After, I’ll drink biodynamic wine.

But seriously, I love generating great content.

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Sheridan Kate Butler